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Patricia Nyberg MS., OTR/L

Level 1 Certified
Handwriting Without Tears® Specialist

handwriting without tears level1 certified

8015 Park Lane
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Phone: 507-272-8441
Email: nyberg.patricia@writerighttutoring.com

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WRITE/RIGHT tutoring is a home based, individually own business in Bethesda, MD. We provide customized handwriting instruction for preschool through elementary age children including pre-handwriting, printing and cursive writing. To meet individual needs of children, handwriting techniques and materials are used from a variety of handwriting programs and handwriting experts. We utilize the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and other developmentally appropriate handwriting curriculums including, First Strokes, Handwriting Help for Kids, Write from the Start and Size Matters. Students receive instruction by engaging in hands on, multi-sensory, fun activities to promote legible handwriting. Tutoring in handwriting skills can provide the extra instruction that children of all abilities may need to keep up with their classmates and meet their educational handwriting standards for their grade.

WRITE/RIGHT tutoring's operating hours are flexible. You can schedule your child's instruction before school, after school, evenings and Saturday. Individual instruction is recommended for 60-minutes one time per week. Some sessions can run for one and 1/2 hours. One to one instruction includes review of homework, building, tracing and writing letters, words and sentences. Movement activities are encouraged to promote alertness and attention as well as to increase upper extremity body awareness and strength. Activities are designed to promote controlled dynamic movement of the pencil or writing tool. Instruction also includes parent consultation and daily 10-15 minute homework assignments. When a parent works with our therapist and encourages individualize weekly homework assignments progress is generally obvious at 6-12 weeks.


The evaluation of students printing abilities is offered using the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), Print Tool. The Developmental Hand Skill Observation, developed by Mary Benbow MS., OTR is offered along with Neuromotor clinical observations of prerequisite developmental hand skills for handwriting proficiency. The Berry-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Test of Motor Coordination and Test of Visual Perception are offered to evaluate a child's ability to integrate their visual perceptual and fine motor abilities. The Goodenough Drawing of a Man Test is offered to establish a body awareness age.

The evaluation includes a report of test scores, clinical observations, summary and classroom accommodations and recommendations for handwriting instruction. In addition the therapist provides parent and teacher consultation. The HWT Informal Cursive Assessment is offered to help determine those areas where remediation needs to be directed.

Teachers are offered the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency. This is a whole class assessment, which identifies students who need additional handwriting instruction and tracks student's handwriting progress throughout the school year.


When a student's handwriting speed is well below his/her grade level and they are unable to keep up with classmates to complete class assignments, typing of assignments is an alternative and additional skill often encouraged. WRITE/RIGHT tutoring helps direct keyboarding proficiency using the BBC Bitesize-Dance-Mat Typing Program. Online computer games and Email 'pals' to increase keyboarding skills and speed are encouraged while handwriting legibility instruction is provided.


Pre-K Enrichment Class

Begin "Write" by Learning Handwriting Readiness Skills in Prparation for Kindergarten. The description for this class is located on the CLASSES page of this website.

Adult Professional Development Class

Providing the "Write" Start by Teaching Handwriting Readiness Skills. The description for this class is located in the CLASSES page of this website.

To answer your questions, learn about fees for service and to schedule an evaluation or appointment please contact Patricia Nyberg at 507-272-8441.

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